Affiliate Funnel System For WordPress: Just $49!

“How You Can Build Multiple Streams Of Income By Combining Multiple Products And Affiliate Programs In One System!”

Affiliate Funnel System
Build Multiple Streams Of Income With Ease - Promote Just One Link Instead Of 10!

Here’s how it works:

1) John joins your WordPress Site.

2) John fills out profile with (say) his Warrior+ Account ID.

3) John refers Adam.

4) When Adam logs in, he sees affiliate link to your products and affiliate offers, but the Warrior+ Account ID in the affiliate link is replaced with John’s Warrior+ Account ID.

5) Adam fills out his profile with his own Warrior+ Account ID.

6) Adam refers Jill.

7) When Jill logs in, she sees affiliate link to your same products and affiliate offers, but the Warrior+ Account ID is replaced with Adam’s Warrior+ Account ID.

When Jill buys, Adam gets the credit. When Adam signed up, John got the credit. And you didn’t have to lift a finger to make all that happen! 

Plus, this affiliate funnel system called Downline Builder Plugin integrates seamlessly into your new or existing WordPress site, making it easy to set up and use. With just a few clicks, you can start promoting your affiliate programs and growing your downlines with ease!

Works For New AND Existing WordPress Sites


Add Unlimited Products & Offers

With our plugin you can add and manage unlimited products and affiliate programs or offers, helping you grow multiple streams of income at once!


Store Unlimited Leads

Connected with our special lead form and intgrated directly into your WordPres admin panel, you can collect and store unlimited leads with Downline Builder Plugin.


Replicate Your Funnel(s)

Once your members join your site, they’ll be able to promote funnel they just signed up through themselves, tracking new leads and signups and adding them to their teams!


Member's Leads & Signups

Your members who promote your funnel will be able to see their leads and signups through their members area, enabling them to track their success!


Add Your Training & Courses

Our plugin helps you educate your members, help them find traffic that converts with your offers and achieve success with ease!


Settings & Profiles

The settings allow your members to easily update their profile details and product or program id’s on one easy-to-use page.

Integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, and AffiliateWP!

What's Included With Your Order TODAY:

$1997 Value

Downline Builder Plugin

Get started with your affiliate funnel system TODAY.

Download the plugin and license key after you complete your order to install on your own WordPress site!

Total Value: $1997
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