? Downline Builder Plugin For WordPress Gives You The Ultimate ?

“Affiliate Funnel System That Turns Your Vistors and Customers into Affiliates and Helps Skyrocket Your Sales!”

The Affiliate Funnel System Is
Not Just Any Other WordPress Plugin!

Experience the Full Magic of Automation:

Add A Dashboard & Steps

Our plugin enables you to create a  membership area and Dashboard, where you’ll be able to add steps to onboard your customers, provide them with access to your products, and turn them into affiliates all at the same time.

Automatic Replicated Funnel Pages

Share your funnels with your members, and teach them how to send traffic to those pages through the onboarding process. This starts what we call “The Circle of Traffic” and gives you an infinite amount of leads, sales, and affiliates!

Track Leads Accross Funnels

Each member will be able to see the leads they have referred to your affiliate system, showing them if their traffic converts, and motivating them to send more once they see your recommended traffic source converts.

Lead to Members Analytics

You want to convert those leads into customers/members of your product and affiliate funnel system. With our plugin, you and your members will easily see how many leads converted, motivating them even more!

Share Training & Courses

Help your members and customers succeed by providing training in your members area. Wether for your product itself or additional training for your affiliate system, this plugin helps to do it for you all in one easy to use and setup interface!

Member Profiles & Settings

Members/customers can easily update their profile from the Settings Page. They can save their affiliate ID’s, setup their referral sponsor’s biography, and add their own avatar via Gravater. All in one easy to use “system” plugin!

“This Plugin Is A Real Insider Tip!”
Oliver Schirmer

Turn Your WordPress Installation Into An Affiliate Marketing System


Add Unlimited Products & Offers

With our plugin you can add and manage unlimited products and affiliate programs or offers, helping you grow multiple streams of income at once!


Store Unlimited Leads

Connected with our special lead form and intgrated directly into your WordPres admin panel, you can collect and store unlimited leads with Downline Builder Plugin.


Replicate Your Funnel(s)

Once your members join your site, they’ll be able to promote funnel they just signed up through themselves, tracking new leads and signups and adding them to their teams!


Member's Leads & Signups

Your members who promote your funnel will be able to see their leads and signups through their members area, enabling them to track their success!


Add Your Training & Courses

Our plugin helps you educate your members, help them find traffic that converts with your offers and achieve success with ease!


Settings & Profiles

The settings allow your members to easily update their profile details and product or program id’s on one easy-to-use page.

Integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, and AffiliateWP!

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